Holistic therapy for your mind, body or relationship

Unwind with a conversation, fully relax with a massage or explore your relationship.

Conversation Therapy

Relaxation massage

Couple massage

Unwind with a conversation

Bad to traumatic experiences, loss or unprocessed emotions cause restlessness which manifests itself in emotional and physical complaints, stress, restlessness or insomnia.

From a rich experience we help you in your coping process, and guide you to achieve that mental balance that allows you to enjoy yourself, your surroundings and your life again.

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Relax with a massage

The right kind of touch has a strong healing effect on your body and mind.

At Dunas we take a holistic approach, seeing body and mind as a totality. From pure physical relaxation to getting rid of your inner blockages.Depending on the treatment, I also connect with your other senses by adding aroma, sound and taste.

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Explore your relationship

How you sense each other is an important aspect of a good relationship. And this is not only mental, but also physical.

Discover your own energy and feel your partner's energy better, learn how to share this energy in your relationship and give strength to yourself and each other.

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Why Dunas?

Diana Varela - Founder Dunas

Expert healing therapy

More than 15 years of experience

Expert Californian massage

Els - employee Dunas

More than 2 years of experience

Knowledge of tantric massage

Therapeutic massage specialist

Hava - employee Dunas

Expert healing therapy

More than 1 year of experience

Expert Californian massage

"Years ago a friend told me about tantra. My relationship wasn't very good at the time so I started looking into tantra. I pushed my partner to experiment with it, hoping it would give our relationship a new boost. Unfortunately, this boost was short-lived. It took me years to then seek out a tantric therapist on my own. Should I take a male therapist or a woman? Eventually I ended up on the Dunas website. Diana's message appealed to me enormously also because she made the link between the lockdown we had all been through and the emotional lockdown I was in after all these years.

This resonated greatly with me and I made an appointment. Diana with her incredible warmth immediately put me at ease. I had chosen the sexual healing therapy with yoni massage. I wanted to pamper myself. I had absolutely no idea what would happen. The first session released a lot in me. A lot of sadness and pain... I was immersed in a bath of love and comfort. It felt like a liberation. I felt like a woman. It triggered a lot.

I have been to Diana a few times now. No session is the same. Diana, with her great sensitivity, knows exactly what I need to give my anger, frustration, pain and sorrow a place. Today I feel stronger, proud of the woman I am. Since I first rang the bell at Dunas, now 8 months ago, there is so much for which I am eternally grateful to Diana."

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